Real Estate Entrepreneur - House Investors

Jumat, 11 Desember 2015

Real Estate Entrepreneur - House Investors

A real estate entrepreneur or a real estate investor to a lesser extent is someone who actively or passively invests in real estate. An active investor may buy a property, make repairs and/or improvements to the property, and sell it later for a profit. A passive investor might hire a real estate firm to find and manage an investment property for him. Typically, investors choose real estate for several reasons: cash flow, capital appreciation, depreciation, tax benefits and leverage.

Appreciation occurs over time, generally, though an investor may "force the equity" in a property by making enhancements to it or the surrounding environment to increase its value. In general, residential real estate is valued by the "comparable sales" method which estimates the value of property under the principle of substitution. The method estimates property values by comparing a subject property to similar properties sold in similar locations within a recent period of time.

Depreciation is one of the many benefits afforded to real estate investors. Though the property is actually increasing in value, the government allows owners to systematically depreciate the property over its projected useful life span. Depreciation is an allowable tax deduction. In addition to depreciation, an investor will usually claim the interest portion of his monthly mortgage payment as a tax deduction.

Leverage is a powerful reason for investing in real estate. If an investor used 100% cash to acquire a house worth $100,000, and the house increased in value by $5,000 in one year, then the investor made a return of 5% (assuming no other costs in this case). However, if the investor obtained 95% financing, only $5,000 cash would be required at the closing table, and a bank or other lender would loan the remaining $95,000 to acquire the property.

Assuming the same $5,000 increase in value, the investor's cash contribution of $5,000 would yield an increase in equity of $5,000 in one year, a 100% return. Of course, leverage works in the opposite manner as well. A $1,000 decrease in value would produce a negative 20% return on the $5,000 investment.

Real estate investing has become quite popular in recent years due to rising property values and low interest rates. Deflation in property values or a sharp increase in interest rates would dampen the market considerably, however.

Buying a hoarder house not a turnoff for most investors - SFGate

Notable real estate investors/entrepreneurs

  • Richard LeFrak, (New York based real estate entrepreneur)
  • Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft and Washington based entrepreneur)
  • Donald Bren (U.S.-based real estate developer)
  • Donald Sterling (California based real estate developer and former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers)
  • Jerry Buss (entrepreneur, former chemist, and majority owner of the Los Angeles Lakers)
  • Gordon Campbell (Canadian diplomat, politician, teacher, and former real estate developer)
  • Barbara Corcoran (New Jersey-based businesswoman and Shark Tank investor)
  • Jim Bob Duggar (Arkansas-based entrepreneur, author, and television personality, primarily known for the television show 19 Kids and Counting)
  • Leona Helmsley (New York-based hotelier and businesswoman)
  • Carlos Slim Helu (Mexican entrepreneur)
  • Thomas S. Hinde (Founder of Mount Carmel, Illinois and owner of investment properties in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio)
  • Li Ka-shing (Hong Kong-based businessman)
  • Diane Kennedy (Reno-based CPA, best-selling real estate and tax author, Rich Dad advisor, real estate investor)
  • Robert Kiyosaki (Phoenix based entrepreneur and author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books)
  • Bob Kraft (Boston-based businessman and majority owner of the New England Patriots)
  • Jared Kushner (Boston-based entrepreneur and newspaper publisher)
  • Sharon Lechter (Arizona-based businesswoman and co-author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books)
  • Louis Lesser (California-based real estate developer and businessman)
  • Master P (New Orleans-based musician and entrepreneur)
  • Paul McCallum (Vancouver-based football player, real estate agent, and entrepreneur)
  • Shaquille O'Neal (retired NBA basketball player)
  • Jorge M. PĂ©rez (Florida-based real estate developer and author)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (California-based entrepreneur, actor in Terminator series of films, former Governor of California, bodybuilder)
  • Bernard Spitzer (New York-based real estate developer and father of lawyer and former Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer)
  • Donald Trump (New York- and Northeastern U.S.-based real estate developer and entrepreneur)
  • Bruce Wayne (Gotham based fictional industrialist, real estate investor, and superhero)
  • Steve Wynn (New York-based casino entrepreneur and real estate developer)
  • Sam Zell (Chicago-based real estate entrepreneur and newspaper publisher)
  • Frederick Hinde Zimmerman (founder of the Grand Rapids Hotel and real estate investor)
  • Mort Zuckerman (magazine editor, publisher, and real estate entrepreneur)

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