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The Scottsdale Gun Club (SGC) is an indoor shooting range located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

The facility was the largest public indoor shooting range in the United States, with 32 total lanes. The building's architect was Arrington Watkins of Phoenix, Arizona and the Club is recognized by the National Association of Shooting Ranges as a 'Five Star Facility'. The 30,000-square-foot (2,800 m2) building includes three eight lane public shooting bays, a tactical bay, and a tactical shoot house.

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The Scottsdale Gun Club opened for business in May 2004. Conceived by Terry Schmidt and Nadine Little, the $8.2 million club was to be a full-service facility for military, law enforcement and private citizens alike.

Some amount of resistance by the community was met when the club was first proposed. As well, banks were reluctant to finance such a project. However with the support of shooters and firearms enthusiasts the club was finally approved by the City of Scottsdale in September 2001.

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Indoor shooting range

There are a total of 32 firing lanes and targets can be set as far as 75 feet (23 m) from the shooter. For safety, each lane is separated from the adjacent lanes by bullet-resistant glass. The range's backstop can handle most calibers of rifle and handgun; anything that produces less than 8100 pound/feet of force. Each lane has an advanced system that controls that lane's respective target, increasing safety. This system is also more time efficient because it removes the need to walk down range to check or change targets. The range utilizes 180 air filters to keep the air fresh and clean by moving gasses away from shooters immediately.

Gunsmithing Department

Scottsdale Gun Club has a fully staffed gunsmith department that can repair or modify most makes and models. Turn around time varies depending on the services you would like performed as well the level of volume.

Titanium Lounge

SGC offers different levels of membership, and the highest level (Titanium) offers access to the Titanium Lounge. It has 8 shooting lanes open only to Titanium Members as well as a private attendant and a lounge area that recalls the decor of an exclusive English hunting club complete with pool table, big screen TV, comfortable couches, high back chairs, and a conference table. It is designed to provide a relaxing area for members while they take a break from shooting as well as a comfortable area for their guests.

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